My Last Holiday

I went to Milan last February with my boyfriend.We flew to Milan by WIZZ
AIR.We stayed for three days in a great hotel near Duomo.During the day we walked
around the city.We saw all the famous places like the Duomo and the theatre La
Scala.We took a lot of photos.At night we went to restaurants and had
fantastic pizza,salad and pana cota.

Our favourite restourant was in the via Montenapoleone.We bought some very expensive clothes, shoes and bags.We had a great time.Milan is  a very nice town with special atmosphere and the Italian food is wonderful.

V., A1.2, BL


Last year we went to the see in Bulgaria. We traveled by car.We were me and my husband. We stayed in hotel near the beach.There we had rest and fun.During the day we walked along the beach, in the evening we went to a restaurant and sometames to a bar. We spent our time very well, but it was very hot.

S., A1.2. BL


During my last holiday me and my family were on a visit in the house of friends of ours.
The house is at the foot of the Rila mountain.
Every day we woke up early in the morning, we had breakfast in the garden and
we went to Borovetz.
In Borovetz it was very quiet  because there were not so many people as in the winter.
One of the days we went to Yastrebetz by lift. There we sat in the restaurant of the mountain

hut and we ate beans soup and sausages and we drank some mountain tea.
The weather was nice and we had a great time.

S. D., A1.2., BL


I went to my village last holiday with my girlfriend. We stayed for  4 days in  my house.  There it was nice and cosy.  During the day we walked in the mountain and saw a beautiful river and meadows. After that we went to the restaurant. We had  pizza and beer. We had a great time. The weather was beautiful. We relaxed very well.

Best regards,

Y. G., A1.2, BL


My last holiday

I went to Kostenets last month with my girlfriend. We went to Kostenets by car.

We stayed for a weekend in a nice hotel near the river. The hotel was inexpensive.

On the first day we walked to the waterfall Kostenets and we took a lot of photos. For  dinner we were in the hotel’s restaurant and ate very tasty vegetables.

On the second day we stayed in the hotel because the weather was very bad.

We had a great time but we had a little problem: the time was  very short.

K., A1.2, BL


A.P. A1.2

I went to my village Janovo, which is in the municipality of Sandanski. I went with my mother and a lot of baggage.

I got by my old car. I stayed in my villa. I helped my grandmother in the vineyard.

I saw a beautiful landscape and a high mountain. I ate in the kitchen in my villa. The weather was warm.

I had a great time.

Regards from my village.


My last holiday
Last summer I went to London and Paris with my daughter, my sister and her son (my nephew).First, we flew to London by Easy Jett. In London we stayed at our friends’ home for one week. We saw all the famous places in London, we went to Stonehenge and also we went to the ocean beach. We took a lot of photos.

In the evenings we went to pubs. I liked listening to pub music  and I liked drinking English beer. The next week we went to Paris by train “Euro star”. We travelled through the Channel Tunnel. It’s the longest underwater tunnel in the world.

In Paris we stayed in a hotel near the Disneiland.It was my present for my daughter’s birthday. We had a great time. Paris is an amazing city. We took a lot of photos and bought a lot of souvenirs. We didn’t have any problems. It was a fantastic holiday.

P.. A1.2, BL


My last holiday was last summer.I went to the Black sea with my very best friends. We stayed for seven days in Albena. In the mornings we got up at 9:00 o’clock, had  breakfast and went to the beach. About 14:00 o’clock we had lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.

Every day after lunch we traveled to a variety of places near  Albena, for example, the Botanical garden and the King’s palace in Balchic, The Stone  monastery in Golden Sands , and the cape ” Caliacra”. Everywhere we took a lot of photos.

In the evenings we had dinner in the hotel, after that  we went to a piano-bar, where we sang and danced.

The weather was very hot, it was still summer.

This holiday was wonderful, we had a great time.


B., A1.2, BL


Last summer I went to the sea with my friends.

We went there by a car.We stayed for two

weeks in a  camp in different places and

slept in a  tent.There we rode surfed and kitesurfed.

In the evening played the guitar , sang songs and

told stories.There I found many friends. We took

a lot of photos and had a great time. It was

very hot.

I., A1.2

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9 Responses to My Last Holiday

  1. avobell says:

    Dear I,
    Thank you for the nice HW. It is interesting, with good style.
    There are some mistakes, you will see them coloured in red. They are about -ed- in The Past Simple Tense. Also, you must start your sentences with a subject always – подлог.

    Best wishes,

  2. avobell says:

    Hello B,

    Thank you for your HW. It is excellent. The style and the organization are suitable for the level.
    There are some inaccuracies with indefinite articles, but in the future we will focus on them.
    The- goes with nouns which are the only ones of its kind or are unique, for example, The Black Sea/ the cape….

    The green words are for better vocabulary.

    Best wishes,

    90% :))

  3. avobell says:

    Dear P.,

    Your essay deserves 90%. Thank you. It was nice and very interesting!

    There are some inaccuracies with definite/indefinite articles. You will see the corrections in red. The green wirds stand for spelling and better vocabulary.

    With singular, uncountable nouns we use -a/an. But we will focus on articles more in class.
    Best wishes,
    Tony :))

  4. avobell says:

    Hello A.,

    Your HW is very nice. The style is clear and suitable for the level. Thank you very much!

    There are some inaccuracies. The red corrections are for grammar mistakes. The green corrections are for better vocabulary /words/.

    It is better to say – landscape – околна среда, природа. Nature is associated with jungles, wild animals…дива природа

    The HW is very good! 85%


  5. avobell says:

    Hello K.,
    Thanks for the HW. It is for 90%. It is nice and accurate. There are some corrections. The green word shows the correct spelling and the red words show the correct prepositions.

    Have a nice day,
    Tony :))

  6. avobell says:

    Hello Y.,
    Thank you for your nice HW. It has been written accurately and meets the standards.
    There are corrections in red. They refer to indefinite articles before singular, countable nouns. If you write – my – don’t use – the:

    Wrong – The my…
    Correct – My….
    Best wishes,

  7. avobell says:

    Dear S.,

    Yor HM is really interesting. You have tried to produce a clear and vivid picture of your holiday.

    You should use The Past Simple Tense for activities in the past which are finished.


    Best wishes,

  8. avobell says:

    Dear S.,
    Thank you for your HW. It was nice to read it. The sentences are short but clear and the style is appropriate.

    Remember to start sentences with a subject. Always! Be careful with the Past Simple Tense.

    The red words are for correct grammar and the green words are for the better style.


    Best wishes,
    Tony :)))

  9. avobell says:

    Dear V,
    Thanks for the HW. It is very nice, very accurate and informative. 88%
    There are inaccuracies, however they are minor. Be careful with indefinite prepositions.

    Tony :))

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